Hello Belgium (Part 1)

Right before my exams, a light bulb went off in my mum’s head as she suddenly planned a small trip to the country that has a special place in my heart: Belgium. As irrational as the idea sounds, especially because I’d only have approx. 10 days to prepare for my exams once I’m back, it … Continue reading Hello Belgium (Part 1)


The END to the FIRST chapter

Fortunately, or Unfortunately, this university year has officially come to an end for me (followed by a month of exams but that’s a different depressing story) and I’m simply unable to digest this fact. It has been a year of surprises for me and I wouldn’t want it to alter a single bit. Let’s have … Continue reading The END to the FIRST chapter

A year in an All-Girl’s School (Part I)

Getting admitted in an All-Girls School was certainly a surprise to me after having shifted to a different country, especially because I’ve been in co-education my entire life. Now, before you go on and assume that my parents were ‘too conservative’ or not open-minded enough to let me complete the last year of my education, … Continue reading A year in an All-Girl’s School (Part I)